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Automatic PVC Anti-slip Coil Nail Floor Mat Machine Production Line
Working Conditions: 1, Power supply: 415 v/50 hz/3P 2, Cooling circulating water: ≤20℃,≥0.3MPa,3-6m³/h 3, Compressed air:0.5 MPa, after 0.4 m/min. 4, Installed gross capacity: 328 kw + auxiliary equipment 83 kw = 411 kw 5, P ower consumption: about 200-26
Automatic Textile Cone Sizing Machine Two Tank Seven Units
I、summarize Seven unit sizing machine is applied high-density fabric sizing process. The sizing machine is developed on the basis of German zuk sizing machine and combined with domestic advanced sizing technology, the equipment of high-grade varieties hav
High Speed Yarn Cone Sizing Machine One Tank Three Immerse Three Press
I、summarize This sizing machine suit for processing before weaving, it’s integration of mechanical and electrical two units single sizing tank sizing machine. II、main technical data 1、suit for: 8Tex~100Tex cotton、fibre、Staple fiber warp fiber and blended
Automatic Double Color Single Color PVC Car Mat Production Line
Environmental conditions: 1, Site: indoor 2, Power supply, no danger zone 3, Humidity: 20%-to 85%, with no condensation 4, temperature: 0 -35 ℃ 5, Protection measures: grounded Working Conditions: 1, Power supply: 415V/50 hz/3P 2, Cooling circulating wate
High Speed Section Warping Machine with Creel
Scope of Application This machine is suitable for sectional warping various kinds of yarns, including worsted yarn, high twisted filaments, yarn for color-woven fabric, for silk fabric, for towelling fabric and fabric in special industry. This machine, wh
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