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Automatic PVC Anti-slip Coil Nail Floor Mat Machine Production Line
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Product: Views:459Automatic PVC Anti-slip Coil Nail Floor Mat Machine Production Line 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2018-05-14 13:39

Working Conditions: 

1, Power supply:  415 v/50 hz/3P 

2, Cooling circulating water:  ≤20℃,≥0.3MPa,3-6m³/h

3, Compressed air:   > 0.5 MPa, after 0.4 m/min. 

4, Installed gross capacity: 328 kw + auxiliary equipment 83 kw = 411 kw 

5, P ower consumption: about 200-260 - kw/h 

6, Extruder centre-height: 1600 mm 

7, Installation size: 45000mm×4000mm×4000mm (L*W*H)

8, Operating direction: right to left

Equipment List


SJ-120/30 single screw extruder




Hydraulic screen exchanger




Coat-Hanger Die/Mould




Silk forming machine




Water flapping machine




Silk conveying machine




8m heating machine




Glue dipping and smearing device




10m heating machine




Seperating machine




Cooling bracket




Tractor and edge cutting machine




Meter counter




Recoiling machine




Electronic control system




Auxiliary equipments


1.SJ-120/30 single screw extruder

1.1  Machine center height: 1600 mm, screw revolution: 0-60 r/m

1.2  The screw/screw barrel parameters 

Screw diameter: 120 mm ,  length to diameter ratio: 30:1

Screw/screw barrel material: 38CrMoALA, screw structure: special for soft PVC 

Heat treatment: nitriding treatment, hardness HV740-900, nitriding depth: 0.5 to 0.7 mm

1.3 Screw barrel heating/cooling parameters 

Heating mode: full closed cast aluminum heating circle, equipped with air duct, heating power: 5kw * 6 zones

Cooling method: subsection cooling with low noise fan, cooling power: 0.25 kw * 6zones

1.4 Reduction gear parameters

Model: ZLYJ280, speed ratio: 20:1

Gear materials: 20CrMoTi, process: grinding carburizing and quenching

Lubrication: circulation pump, drive by triangle belt

1.5 Motor power: 75 kw, speed adjustment way: frequency control of motor speed 

1.6  Extrusion amount: 200-400 kg/h 

1.7 Screw feeder material: stainless steel, motor power: 1.1 KW,  feeding way: spiral spring 

1.8 Stainless steel hopper, capacity: 130 kg

2.Hydraulic screen changer  * 1set

2.1. Screen change board: carbide, nitride treatment; 

2.2. Oil cylinder maximum pressure: 31.5 MPa; 

2.3. Hydraulic: automatic hydraulic screen changing

2.4. Motor power: 3 kw 

2.5. Two sets of screen changer share same hydraulic system

3.Coat-Hanger Die * 1set

3.1. Mold material: high quality mould steel, quenched and tempered treatment, HB290-320. 

3.2. Mold forms: hangers type, flat nose, the nose been hard chrome plated innerside

3.3. Heating type: internal heating

3.4. Heating mode: resistance heating 

3.5. Heating power: 2.5 W * 12 zones

3.6. Products width: 1220 mm, the mould effective width 1400 mm 

3.7. Spinneret plate diameter: Q0.8 mm (according to customer's requirement) 

3.8. The nose derrick :: welding frame, 2sets of hand lifter

4.Silk Forming Machine  * 1set

4.1. The machine can be integral lifted and move back and forth 

4.2. Drive way: two separate forming roller, drive motor power: 0.75kw* 2 sets, frequency conversion control 

4.3. Water tank material: stainless steel 

4.4. Conveyor drive power: 1.5 KW, variable frequency control 

4.5. The lifting power: 1.5 KW, variable frequency control 

4.6. Infrared heating system 

Power: 2 kw * 6pcs 

Adjust way: voltage regulator x 3 groups

5.Water Flapping Machine * 1set

5.1. Motor power: 1.5 KW, frequency control 

5.2. Flapping forms: drum-type

5.3. Roller material: stainless steel pipe Q63

6.Silk conveyer  * 1set

6.1. Conveyor motor power: 2.2 KW ,frequency control 

6.2. The conveyor roller:  stainless steel roller, driven by chain

6.3.1st water removal fan: 0.75 KW * 2 sets (with stainless steel water receiving tray) 

6.4. 2nd water removal fan: 0.75 KW * 4 sets

7.  8m Heating Oven

7.1. Length: 8000 mm, steel plate welding 

7.2. Heating method: stainless steel heating tube 

7.3. Heating power: 1.25 kw* 48pcs, 60 kw 

7.4. Tuyere forms: laval form 

7.5. The method of air volume adjustment: duct choke 

7.6. Hot air circulation, induced draft fan power: 5.5 KW*2sets, frequency control 

8.  Glue dipping and smearing device

8.1. Material of glue tank: stainless steel plate

8.2. Lower smearing-glue roller material: steel roller with chromium plating surface, diameter: ¢320 mm

8.3.Upper smearing-glue roller material: high-quality rubber,  diameter: ¢320 mm

8.4. Transmission power: 2.2 kw, frequency speed control 

8.5. Cooling fan: 0.75KW* 2sets

9.  10m Heating Oven

9.1. Length: 10000 mm, steel plate welding 

9.2. Heating method: stainless steel heating tube 

9.3. Heating power: 1.25 kw* 56pcs, 70 kw 

9.4. Tuyere forms: laval form 

9.5. The method of air volume adjustment: duct choke 

9.6. Hot air circulation, induced draft fan power: 7.5 KW*2sets, frequency control 

10.  Seperating Machine

10.1 Cooling fan: 0.75KW* 4sets

10.2 Drive roller diameter: Q605; Seperating roller diameter: Q200, chromium plating surface

10.3 Motor power: 4kw, frequency control

11.  Cooling Bracket  *1set 

11.1. The bracket length: 3000 mm 

11.2. The bracket material: 100 *50 flat pipe

11.3. The roller material: stainless steel pipe Q63 

11.4. The number of roller: 7pcs

12.  Edge cutting device and tractor  * 1 set

12.1. Cutting way: round blade cutting 

12.2. Drive mode: Gear transmission

12.3. Rubber traction roller * 2 sets  (made of high quality rubber)

12.4. Traction motor, *1 set, 2.2 Kw , frequency control.

12.5. Rack *1 set  (high quality steel welding)

12.6. Rubber roller size:  ø200x1400mm

12.7. Mode: double-roll tracting

13. Meter counter *1 set 

13.1. Meter device forms: wheel-type

13.2. Frame: high quality steel welding, stainless steel upper surface.

14. Recoiling machine

14.1  Motor power: 1.5 KW, frequency control 

14.2  Size of the roller: ø 273 x1400mm 

14.3  Roller surface: friction spike winding